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Resources page

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Hello readers!

Since AKOMP published, I've received a steady trickle of messages from readers seeking my help. Sometimes someone I know is seeking my help for a loved one in crisis. I've been slowly figuring out how to respond to such messages.

For a while I've thought about building a Resources page. Today I've finally published one on my site. I'll keep it updated I'm sure. But I'm recommending some organizations, some podcasts, some videos, and some books that I think may be helpful to people who've read AKOMP and want to learn more. Feel free to write me if you think I should include something I haven't.

And you're welcome to write me, regardless. I appreciate your patience.


I'm happy to report that since the summer began I've largely been in my garden. We've grown many greens and herbs and some radishes:

Three homegrown radishes on a red table

and some eggplants:

Two purple eggplant and some basil on a red table

and one tomato (as of today).

I've also baked lots of sourdough bread that's getting really good. My signature on the top is a Vonnegut butthole *, so I call my bread "butt bread."

A loaf of butt bread

I'm going to be announcing some fall tour dates soon. Hope to see some of you live!



p.s. I finally read The Body Keeps the Score recently, hence it's on my Resources page multiple times. Wow what a book.

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