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My new podcast Mad Chat is here!!! On the show, I'm analyzing and discussing what our pop culture is telling us about madness and mental health.

I was thrilled our first episode was called one of the best podcasts of the week by the AV Club, which called the show "promising"!!!

Our first episode is about Bojack Horseman and is with Atlantic writer Hannah Giorgis. Episode two, out today, is with Meredith Talusan. We talk about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

I'm so excited about all the lovely feedback we've been getting from listeners.

ICYMI, listen to the show's trailer:

Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts — like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. We're also on YouTube. Please please rate and review on iTunes, tell your friends/followers, etc.!

We're @madchatshow on Instagram and Twitter and we have a Facebook page (Mad Chat Show). Find episode transcripts, recommended reads and resources from me, more about our guests etc. at our website. Sign up there for our newsletter!

Let me know what you think of the show! Let me know what you want us to chat about on future episodes!

At the end of every episode, my guest and I share something that's helping us today. Like on episode 1, I talked about Star Trek: The Next Generation.

An illustration by Annie Mok of Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation with a cup of Earl Grey, hot
Illustration by Annie Mok for Mad chat

What's helping you to today? Let us know #whatshelpingtoday

I'm really excited to be sharing with this project, which I'm making independently. For now! Let me know if you've got a pile of money you want to hand me to continue making it.




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