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Here are some recommended media and organizations to do with mental health. Especially if you know someone in crisis or are invested in these questions because of concern for yourself or a loved one, here are a few good places to start: 

Mad in America –  The largest media organization covering these issues from a human rights-oriented perspective. If you have questions about a particular topic or how an issue stands right now, this is a good website to explore.

Wildflower Alliance – A peer-led mental health care collective based in Western Massachusetts (I wrote about them here). The offer many resources, groups, and trainings.

Hearing Voices Network USA – The Hearing Voices Network facilitates peer-support groups for people who've heard voices, seen visions or have had other "unusual or extreme" experiences. Groups are free and non-judgmental. (Use this site to search for HVN groups internationally.) 

 These organizations may be of particular interest for mental health care professionals:

The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis (ISPS)

International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP)

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