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It's a Paperback!

Readers! The AKOMP paperback is imminent! I got to hold one yesterday!

I fell on the floor and I cried.

How I love it:

Here's its back:

The image is a painting by William Kurelek; it hangs in the Bethlem Museum of the Mind south of London. I encourage everyone who can to visit it in person. I'm writing something soon about my experience seeing the painting, and what it means to me to have Kurelek's work featured on the cover.

Long story short, Ishmall had won!!!

The paperback goes on sale 1/15/19. I'll be reading that night at Iowa City's Prairie Lights, the very bookstore where I wrote the book for the first few years of its life. I'm probably gonna cry. I hope if you're in Iowa City you will join.

January 25 I'll be at Brooklyn's estimable Books Are Magic with the one and only Ashley Ford. I'm very much looking forward to that.

I have dates coming up as well in Chapel Hill, NC and St. Paul, MN and hopefully more cities; all info will be here.

Here is a cool bit of news: I've signed with the incredible speaking agent Leslie Shipman of the Shipman Agency. If you are someone who's interested in having me come speak, here's the rad page she put together


In recent years I've stopped celebrating the Global Yule Conspiracy. To all who celebrate it and other holidays, please enjoy the season. I'll be hibernating with books by my fire, avoiding public spaces else I hear that infectious music.

See you in 2019, friends. What a year this has been here on planet AKOMP. It's just the beginning I think.



p.s. I can't stop listening to the new Rosalía album

p.p.s. Here's this morning's butt bread:

I got a new "lame" as you can probably tell from my VERY DEEP SCORING.

p.p.p.s. Everyone should read Valeria Luiselli's Tell Me How It Ends


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