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I Gave a Speech for Some Doctors

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Sunday Content #45

Selfie taken at the Eastern Iowa Airport 😎

I gave a speech for some doctors. Yes, doctors. A whole auditorium of doctors assembled to listen to me. I said yes to giving the speech back in the spring and dreaded it for months after. I was worried about not only the 50 minutes or so I'd be speaking but also what came afterward, the q&a. What would doctors ask me, I feared? A friend gave me some good advice the day before, which was "Have fun."

The morning of the speech I felt sick. I arrived at the venue. The space reminded me of the big classrooms I'd do improv shows in back in college.

Have fun.

My name was said and I went on to begin my speech, but first grinned, made a joke.

"Hello, doctors," I began, and they laughed. Then I began what I'd come to say, which had great humor, but is also very grave. I could feel them really hearing it.

It went in a flash and I loved every second. (So it always goes with performance, for me.)

My audience seemed to have a great time too. Some rushed up to me after. They asked questions and spoke of their careers and people they've known but mostly they seemed stirred, enthused. People said kind things. My favorite: A man said he had a son "with a diagnosis" and held up his fingers as if he were measuring two inches. "Today you've made me this much better of an advocate." He smiled and walked away.

I hope to speak to many more groups of professionals in months and years to come.

My extremely Iowa City Iowa City hotel room #gohawks #herkeyforlyfe

I've got a new lil essay up on Bon Appétit's Healthyish about how I've celebrated Thanksgiving in recent years. Like most everything I write it's actually about 'mental health,' so to speak.

My final live event of the year will be this Sunday afternoon at the Miami Book Fair. More info here. I'll have more events early in 2019; the paperback will publish January 15. More soon.

If you're looking for something yummy to bake this winter, I highly recommend these muffins and subbing fresh cranberries.

Bran cranberry muffins

Love 🖖🏻,


p.s. Happy early Not Thanksgiving

p.p.s. Look at this gorgeous loaf of butt bread I baked:

p.p.p.s. Look at this one:


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