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Here are some frequently asked questions about me and Bob and the book and much else. 

My literary agent is Chris Parris-Lamb of The Gernert Company

My speaking agent is Leslie Shipman at The Shipman Agency 


My publicist for A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise is Mia O'Neill at Simon & Schuster


You can follow me on Instagram, or Twitter (which I'm only sort of on). I'm not on Facebook. If you want to contact me directly, write me at hellosandyallen at gmail dot com. I try to respond to all email but I'm busy and sometimes by busy I mean my fingers are in flour and / or soil (not at the same time). Your patience is appreciated. 

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Inquiries about Mad Chat, write: madchatshow at gmail dot com

If you've read and love AKOMP... 

- Ishmall had won!!!!

- Follow @mirraculasparadise on Instagram! 

- Tell your friends and followers! #AKOMP #ishmallhadwon

- Ask your favorite local bookstores whether they have it.

- Ask if your local library has a copy and request one if they don't; it's usually pretty easy to do.

- If you can, buy copies for those in your life you wish would read it or who you know need to.

- Review it places like Amazon or Goodreads or wherever else you talk about books

- If you're in a book club, suggest it 

- If you're a teacher, consider assigning it 

Couple more AKOMP things:

- It's available as an ebook 

- It's available as an audiobook, which I got to read in part, and is excellent (in my biased opinion). The audiobook also features some of Bob's music. 

- Another way to hear more of Bob is to listen to this great episode of the Organist about us

- If you want to rock out, here's an AKOMP-inspired Spotify playlist 

- If you'd like a free glow-in-the-dark AKOMP guitar pick, write mirraculas at gmail dot com and my assistant Alex will mail you one.  

- Other inquires related to AKOMP, write mirraculas at gmail dot com