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To write me, fill out the contact form below. I appreciate your patience; I receive a lot of inquiries and can't always respond to them all. Here are some frequently asked questions about me, Uncle Bob and AKOMP.

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If you want me to speak at your conference or other event, please contact my speaking agent: Leslie Shipman of The Shipman Agency.

My literary agent is Chris Parris-Lamb of The Gernert Company.

I encourage you to listen to my podcast, Mad Chat; the episodes are evergreen.

I hope you'll read my book — no matter who you are, or what flashes through your mind when you read a word like "schizophrenia."

If you already ❤️ AKOMP ...

- Consider posting about it wherever you post

- Consider reviewing it places like Jeff Bezos' bad website or Goodreads or B&N or Bookshop

- fwiw it's also available as an ebook and as an audiobook, which I read in part.

- Consider asking your favorite bookstores whether they carry it.

- Consider asking your local library whether they have a copy and request one if they don't (the process to do so is usually pretty easy)

- If you're in a book club, consider suggesting it. 

- If you're a teacher, consider assigning it. It's appropriate for a variety of contexts, from college-level literature and nonfiction writing classes to various medical education contexts, as well as social work, psychology and psychiatry. 

- If you can and feel so inspired, buy copies for those in your life you wish would hear its lessons. I wrote it so it could be read by people who identify with Bob — for sure — but also so that it could be read and enjoyed by people who identify more perhaps with his family members, friends, doctors, and so forth. I also wrote it for people with no apparent affiliation with topics like mental illness or mental health care. Because, in truth, these topics affect us all.

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