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- Ishmall had won!

- Consider telling your friends and/or followers about it! #AKOMP 

- Review it places like Amazon or Goodreads or wherever else you share about books

- If you can, buy copies for those in your life you wish would read it. I wrote AKOMP so all sorts of people could really hear Bob's story — whether their lives most resemble Bob's or Gene's or Marilyn's or Agnes' or one of Bob's psychiatrists or one of his friends growing up or a somewhat distant relative like me or just some random person with no interest whatsoever in these topics. I receive reader mail and have met people who've read and enjoyed the book who have all sorts of stakes (or lack thereof) in these conversations. For me hearing from readers with lived experience is the most gratifying but I'm also excited whenever I appear to have actually gotten through to folks who work in the mental health care system as constituted. 

- If you're a teacher, consider assigning it (It'd be great for general college-level literature courses; med students; nursing students; social work, psychology and psychiatry students and others whose work pertains to "mental health," like firefighters, EMTs, police and other authorities and those who work in criminal justice; essay / nonfiction writing and / or journalism students; courses on medical humanities, narrative medicine, etc. and certainly courses about disability rights and Mad Pride, which in my dreams will someday be commonplace)

- Consider asking your favorite local bookstores whether they know about it already

- Ask if your local library has a copy and request one if they don't (it's usually pretty easy to do)

- If you're in a book club, suggest it 

- FWIW AKOMP is also available as an ebook 

- And as an audiobook, which I got to read in part along with an actor who played Bob and is super awesome (in my biased opinion). The audiobook also features some of Uncle Bob's music. 

- It was also published in French

- Another way to hear more of Bob's music to listen to this great episode of the Organist about us

- If you want to rock out, I made this AKOMP-inspired Spotify playlist 

- Other inquires related to AKOMP, you can write mirraculas at gmail dot com 

- Here are some frequently asked questions about me and Bob and the book and much else. 

- If you'd like a free glow-in-the-dark AKOMP guitar pick, write mirraculas at gmail dot com and my assistant Alex will mail you one.  For free! Happy playing!

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