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For professional speaking inquiries, please contact my speaking agent: Leslie Shipman of The Shipman Agency.

My literary agent is PJ Mark of Janklow & Nesbit Associates. 

To write me, fill out the contact form below. FWIW I receive a lot of email and admittedly do not respond to most of it. I do read it all and am grateful to readers and listeners who get in touch. Here are some frequently asked questions you may find helpful. Here's a page with mental-health focused resources I recommend.


To submit a question to the advice column I'm doing on my newsletter, What's Helping Today, write whatshelpingtoday at gmail dot com. I may edit your question for concision and I won't publish your name. 

The newsletter comes out infrequently and is focused on self care, mostly. It's also the best way to learn if I have new work or other news. I encourage you to subscribe: 

Contact Me

Thanks for your interest! 

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