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If you've already read and ❤️ AKOMP ...

- Ishmall had won!

- Here are some frequently asked questions about it and me and Uncle Bob, etc. 

- If you loved the book, consider telling your friends/followers about it

- Consider reviewing it places like Amazon or Goodreads 

- Consider asking your favorite local bookstores whether they've read it yet

- Ask if your local library has a copy and request one if they don't 

- If you're in a book club, suggest it to your group

- If you're a teacher, consider assigning it. It's great for: med students (especially medical humanities / narrative medicine courses), nursing students, social work students, psychology students, any others whose work pertains to "mental health", including those in criminal justice and law enforcement; as well as nonfiction / memoir / essay writing / narrative journalism courses; as well as English or general education literature courses, either advanced high school or college level. 

- If you can, buy copies for those in your life you wish would read it. I wrote it so it could be read by people who identify with Bob and with people who identify with Agnes and Gene and Marilyn and many others, including his doctors, so I encourage you to give it to people regardless of their pre-existing opinions about such matters.

- It is also available as an ebook and as an audiobook, which I got to read in part, along with an actor. The audiobook also features some of Uncle Bob's music.