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 – for The Los Angeles Times with Maris Kreizman ("Compelling . . . A bracing work of art and a loving tribute to a man whose voice, no matter how unpolished, deserves to be heard.")

– for The Boston Globe with Kate Tuttle, president of the National Book Critics Circle

– for The Cedar Rapids Gazette with Rob Cline ("A unique and effective effort to honor her uncle’s story while placing it in a larger context . . . Allen asks her readers to expand their notion of what is 'normal.'")

– for The Missoulian with Chris La Tray 

– for The Daily Texan with Brooke Sjoberg

– for The Daily Iowan with Haley Triem

–  for The Essay Review with Nicolás Medina Mora

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New Books in Psychology podcast 

MPR News with Kerri Miller

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"Moments with Marianne" with Marianne Pestana