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In 2009, I got a call from my Uncle Bob.

Uncle Bob was a self-described "hermit" who lived in the desert in Northern California. I didn't know him well. I'd heard from relatives he was "crazy," though I didn't know what that meant. I had been to see him at his little smoky house once, when I was in college.


Bob wanted to mail me something he'd written. Soon after this envelope showed up, filled with a story he'd typed on his typewriter in all capital letters. On a cover page, he wrote it was a "true story" about being "labeled a psychotic paranoid schizophrenic." Soon after on the phone, Bob explained he wanted my help in getting the story "out there" because it was "true." 

At the time I didn't have much interest in helping him with the project, but over time I changed my mind. I tell that story, and Bob's, in my book about Bob and his life and his diagnosis: A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise: A True Story about Schizophrenia. It was published in hardcover January 2018 by Scribner and in paperback a year later. 

AKOMP is written in two fonts. In one, I tell the story of Bob's life, my 'cover version' of it. (His facts, my words, mostly.) Bob was a Hendrix-obsessed kid coming of age in tumultuous late sixties Berkeley, CA. His world was forever changed when one day in 1970, at about age sixteen, he was driven to a mental hospital, locked in a cell, injected with Thorazine and given a life-altering diagnosis. 


In a second font, I investigate what that diagnosis means, and the rest of the world around Bob. I interviewed everybody in his story who'd speak to me to try to understand how Bob was seen by others, and how that affects the truth of him. ​

The book is, hopefully, like no other book you've ever read. Reading it might start to change your whole head. 

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