Author Sandy Allen standing in their garden

Hello! I'm Sandy Allen.

I'm an author, reporter and speaker.


I tend to write and talk about gender and mental health. 

I'm trans and queer and live in the Catskills. 

Here's more about me.

My first book is called A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise: A True Story about Schizophrenia.


AKOMP tells the "true story" of the life of my Uncle Bob. 


It's also a reckoning to do with mental illnesses themselves and how we treat those diagnosed.

Here's a website all about AKOMP.

Here are some FAQs about me and Bob and the book and all that. 

Image of paperback cover for A KIND OF MIRRACULAS PARADISE by Sandy Allen, showing a family picnicing on a green field, at a sideways angle (painting by William Kurelek)